The Majority of my work is in Acrylic on masonite or illustration board but you’ll find that I enjoy charcoal and graphite pencil as well. Combining mediums (to include the use of computer graphics) has always interested me…I’m always experimenting.

Aside from Freelance commissioned works the subjects I paint play a decisive role in determining which medium I'll use. I try to communicate to the viewer the intrigue or captivation I have for the subject. In short a number of the works are symbolic of a thought or emotion.

Aviation Art has been a big part of my career, I’m truly fascinated with Aviation. This interest was fueled by my Air Force experiences, flights on Military jets, and the wonderment of man’s ability to conquer the skies.

I’m captivated by the old southwest, specifically old structures. The windows of abandoned buildings intrigue me…I imagine the stories they could tell.  I have a respect for nature and the splendor of the outdoors. As an outdoorsman and hunter I appreciate Mother Natures work.

As with Artist throughout history the human figure has always called.   I find that the grace, sensuality and beauty of the human form always beckons…It's a true challenge of pencil, pen and brush.

It’s important for me as an Artist to be True…True to others, to myself as well as my Art.